House, Senate agree to allow female WWII pilots to be buried at Arlington

May 11, 2016 6:52 PM by News Staff

The house and senate have agreed on legislation to allow female World War II pilots to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Now, it goes to president Obama’s desk for his signature.

Just over a thousand women trained to fly non-combat missions state side to free up male pilots to fight in the war overseas.

On Tuesday, the senate unanimously approved a bill that would allow these women to be buried at Arlington national cemetery. The house unanimously approved the measure in March but had to sign off this week on some minor adjustments made by the senate.

It now heads to the White House where President Obama is expect to sign it into law.

These pioneering women pilots are dwindling in numbers. Of the 1,074 who were trained, four died in April and another three died in March. There are about 100 of the pilots still alive.

The female pilots already had permission to be buried at cemeteries controlled by the veteran's administration. But Arlington National Cemetery is managed by the Army. Allowing the women pilots to be buried there required a change in the law.


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