Hot Weekend Ahead!

Jun 24, 2015 10:17 PM by Kris Kuyper

It was another hot day around the North State... And it's only going to get hotter! We'll see afternoon thunderstorms developing in the mountains by this weekend as well.

High pressure continues to strengthen, and most North State locations saw their high temperatures rise today as a result! The exception would be places in the Sacramento Valley south of Shasta County, due to an increase in the Delta Breeze today. The Delta Breeze is a cool rush of air from the Pacific that squeezes through the Coast Range through the only sea level pass through the Coast Range... the Bay Area. So it's influence is greatest near the Sacramento/San Joaquin River deltas (hence it's name), and it's influence weakens the further from the delta you get... Which is why Redding was 10 degrees hotter than Chico! Look for the Delta Breeze to weaken Thursday, leading to somewhat more uniform temperatures through the Valley. The Delta Breeze cannot climb mountains, so it does not influence mountain temperatures.

High pressure will continue to strengthen through Friday, so our heat should peak on Friday. But the cooldown this weekend and next week won't be much... It will still be scorching hot next week! The clockwise rotation around high pressure over the 4 corners area will pull monsoon moisture from the Gulf of California & Mexico northward into the North State by this weekend, which will lead to mountain thunderstorms. We probably won't see much activity this weekend, but next week could be pretty active.

ps. The North Coast (or anywhere near the Pacific) looks amazing right about now, in case you're wondering where to go to beat the heat!


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