Hot Weather Could Mean Easier Access For Burglars

May 1, 2013 7:42 PM

The warmer weather has returned to the North State, and with it, the urge for residents to vent out that heat by leaving their windows open. It's a move Chico Police Officers, like Todd Lefkowitz, say could elevate your risk of becoming a victim. "Suspects look for the path of least resistance, and if they can find a window, or door that's open, or unlocked, that's what they're going to go for first."

Officer Lefkowitz told our crews the most common way burglars get into a home is through the garage. "We find that the side garage door is the number one spot they like to pick. It's usually behind a fence, easily accessed, and they're usually concealed from the public."

Authorities say these burglars scout neighborhoods in search of these signs, but other suspects have been a little more brazen. "We also see tactics with a door to door salesman, where you'll have one person knock on the door, and the second will be houses away," according to Lefkowitz. In that case, officers say you should make sure they know you're there, but don't ever invite them inside your home.

This process has become all too familiar for Chico resident Priscilla Harrington, who told Action News she's dealt with these types of people more than her share. "I've actually reached the point where we lock our gate that walks up to the house, and we lock our gate to our driveway at night."

Lefkowitz says on top of locking up, residents should also close their blinds or curtains, so burglars can't see inside your home. He also says, if you do have an alarm system, don't be afraid to show it off. "Make sure to advertise that. Put stickers on all your windows, and all your doors, and then don't forget to set your alarm when you leave."


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