Hot Today But Big Changes Ahead In Your Forecast

Apr 19, 2016 10:47 AM by Cort Klopping

Very warm temperatures, and increasing clouds are ahead for your Tuesday forecast. Temperatures are not projected to change much compared to Monday. Most areas will be within a degree or two of yesterday. Thin clouds are spreading across the region this morning, and are expected to become more dense this afternoon. There will be a very slight chance for showers or even a thunderstorm in the Northern Sierra this afternoon, but the National Weather Service out of Sacramento is only calling for a 10 percent chance of precipitation. Winds will be out of the North to around 10mph.

A cooling trend will arrive in the region tomorrow, and will continue through the end of the week. Valley areas are expected to to out in the low 80's on Wednesday, and then in the high 70's on Thursday. The potential for showers will begin to pick up on Thursday, but wet weather looks much more likely on Friday. Valley areas are expected to top out in the low 70's on Friday with a very decent chance for showers across the entire region.

Temperatures are projected to rebound into the high 70's on Saturday, but will then fall back into the mid 70's on Sunday. There will be some potential for showers through the weekend, but Saturday night into Sunday looks more likely to be wet than during the day on Saturday. I hope everyone is ready for one more day of hot temperatures, and has a great Tuesday!


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