HOT This Week!

Jul 27, 2015 10:04 PM by Kris Kuyper

It warmed up today... and some serious heat is coming our way later this week! A few mountain thunderstorms are possible late this week as well.

High pressure is strengthening again, and that will heat us up big time this week. Look for Valley highs in the triple digits as quickly as Tuesday, and lasting into this weekend. We had a breezy north wind in the Valley today which really lowered our humidity (and aided in our warmup), and we should see it again tomorrow (and gusty Jarbo Gap winds on the Ridge tonight!) The north wind will diminish by Wednesday, and humidities should recover some. But high pressure will continue to strengthen, so look for our temperatures to continue to rise... although not dramatically south of Red Bluff, because of an increasing Delta Breeze. But the north end of the Valley will see temperatures soar! The ridge will weaken by this weekend, allowing our temperatures to cool back down some.

A little monsoon moisture will rotate around high pressure by the end of the week, and that could spark a few mountain thunderstorms by Friday and this weekend. But the big story this week is going to be the heat... Here come the triple digits!


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