HOT & Dry For Your Monday Farmcast

Aug 17, 2015 8:52 AM by Cort Klopping

Very hot and dry conditions are ahead for your Monday Farmcast. Temperatures in the valley have dipped into the mid 60's overnight, and are projected to climb into the 100 to 107 degree range this afternoon. Some locations in the northern end of the valley will be close to breaking records for this date. Winds are out of the Northwest to 10mph this morning, but are expected to shift to become out of the Southeast to 10mph this afternoon. The North winds will drive smoke from fires in the Northern Mountains into the valley this morning, and that will have a significant impact on air quality. Humidity values will continue to be extremely low, with most of the valley falling into the single digits. The extreme heat, and very dry conditions will leave the region under high fire danger today. Your Monday morning sunrise is set for 6:21am, and sunset will be at 8:01pm.

The extremely hot and dry conditions are expected to persist through the middle of the week. Slightly cooler conditions will return for the end of your week, and the weekend. Valley high temperatures will fall into the 90 to 99 degree range for the end of the week. Please make sure you're careful in the severe heat the next several days, and take precaution with the limited air quality.


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