Homeless man rescued out of Lindo Channel

Aug 1, 2014 6:24 PM by Brian Johnson

Chico Fire and Cal Fire rescue a homeless man from the Lindo Channel.

It happened at around 2pm, directly across the street from Enloe Prompt Care.

Cal Fire said upon arriving, they found an unresponsive elderly male at the creek bottom, estimated to be 70 years old.

They noticed he was on a slight slope, so required extra personnel to help extricate him.

"It would have been kind of difficult to bring him out so we asked for a stokes [basket] to stabilize the victim and extricate him out safely for all personnel," Cal Fire Engineer Benny Aguilar said.

Cal Fire said the man had been there for a long time, and had been cut up by beery vines.

He was in stable condition at the time he was rescued.


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