Homeland Security warns airlines of new threat

Feb 20, 2014 6:47 AM

A new warning for travelers this morning.The U.S Department of Homeland Security says terrorists could try to hide explosives in shoes.

This is the second warning about possible threats to airlines in less than three weeks.

Travelers heading to the airport this morning could face tighter security.

The Department of Homeland Security is warning airlines to watch for explosives that could be hidden in shoes, liquids or cosmetics.

Officials say this is a general warning and not a specific threat and has been issued through an abundance of caution.

This new warning is similar to the one that came out a few weeks ago, just before the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

That bulletin advised that terrorists could smuggle bomb making materials in toothpaste tubes or cosmetic containers, but that warning dealt with flights headed to Russia, not the U.S.

In 2001, Richard Reid tried to set off a shoe bomb on a Paris to Miami flight.

As a result, pulling off shoes at security checkpoints is now standard procedure.

Wednesday's notice targets flights heading into the U.S from overseas.


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