Homecoming festivities underway at Simpson College

Feb 14, 2015 7:43 PM by Charlene Cheng

At Simpson University in Redding, Homecoming is a time of spirit, pride, and color bombing.

"This morning we had the Knock Your Socks Off Color Tun. I got to run around and play in tons of color, so that was tons of fun," sophomore Abigail Ridpath said.

"This is one of the most exciting times at Simpson. Everyday's themed around different themes, we have our big homecoming game, huge tailgate party, all sorts of stuff," said Shawn Colacchia, who serves as the Campus Activities Board Media Coordinator.

All week long, students have been taking part in celebratory events.

"So we had Twinning Tuesday, we had Throwback Thursday, we had Wish I Could Be... Wednesday," Ridpath said.

"Last night we did this thing called Clue, it was based on the board game, but was a real-life version," added freshman Andre Carrillo.

This year is particularly special for the university.

"This is a big historic year for us, been at this site in Redding for 25 years," Colacchia said.

The undergraduate population is currently about 725 strong, and a large part of Homecoming Week is showing potential future students what Simpson University is all about.

"If you want somewhere that's really small, and just a really great place to be able to grow, definitely come to this school," Carrillo said.


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