Home Depot Helps You Upgrade...

Jan 15, 2011 8:29 PM

It was a day of learning for patrons of the Chico Home Depot Saturday as store employees showed shoppers how to "do it yourself" when it comes to upgrading or remodeling their home. The store highlights a different section of the home each month, and holds demonstration classes every weekend. January's lesson, upgrading the bathroom. " The clinics actually are going really good, the bathroom ones are just starting to get up, but our most popular one is the flooring cause instead of having to pay somebody to do it, they want to do it themselves" said Home Depot Plumbing Supervisor Joe Carney.
Over the last several years, home depot has seen a rise in home upgrades. "We do see a lot of people coming in more often looking to upgrade their houses, because of the economy they do not want to leave their houses right now because of money problems" explained Carney.
Sprucing up the kitchen by putting in a new sink, installing new flooring throughout the house, or adding a new vanity in the bathroom. And, by doing it yourself you can save a bundle. " Vanity is really easy, faucet is really easy and people can do it themselves no problem" said Carney. With the average homeowner living in their home longer than ever before, upgrades and remodels are now a growing trend. According to The Council Of Mortgage Lenders, on average homeowners will be living in the same house for 21 years compared to 11 years back in 2007. "If you can do it yourself, and get the products inexpensive, you should." said Carney.
And the classes make it even easier. " I found it very helpful and informative so if anything like this ever happens in the future, I'll know what to do and what to get" said Kristiana Holderfield. Paul Redolinsky adds " I just had no idea how to do any of this stuff before and now I feel like I could just go out and do it".


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