Holiday Turkey Frying Tips

Nov 24, 2015 10:45 AM by News Team

Remember, oil and water do not fix. In fact it can be a dangerous situation.

Prepare the turkey

  1. Completely thaw your turkey – NEVER fry a frozen turkey
  2. Remove all the giblets, neck and extra fatty skin
  3. Cut drain holes in remaining skin

Prepare the fryer

  1. Place the prepared turkey in the pot – fill with water to 2 inches above the bird
  2. Pull the turkey out, draining all the water – mark the water level by scoring the side of the pot
  3. Dry pot and fill with oil up to the line you just scored
  4. Completely dry the turkey
  5. Heat the oil until it is 375 degrees, NEVER cover a pot of oil
  6. Before placing turkey is heated oil, shut down the burner
  7. Slowly submerge turkey into oil. If boiling begins, pull the turkey out a little
  8. Once turkey is back in the oil, turn the burner back on and maintain an oil temperature of 350 degrees
  9. Turn off burner before removing turkey
  10. NEVER leave fryer unattended

Source: Chico Fire-Rescue

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