Hoax Bomb Found In Junk Looked Real At First

Mar 25, 2013 1:33 PM

It's looked like a bomb at first. But the Tehama County Sheriff Office says it's a fake.

It all began last Thursday when a concerned citizen noticed what looked like a stick of dynamite attached to a clock in a pile of junk near the intersection of Kaer Avenue and Royal Lane.

The item appeared to be a bomb constructed with a road flare, wires, a radio antenna, a mechanical timer, and a power source. Photographs of the item were sent to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad. The unit responded to the scene and using their own explosives detonated the device.

Upon further examination the device appeared to be a hoax and was not actually capable of exploding or causing any damage.

Anyone with any information regarding who may have dumped the refuse at that location is encouraged to contact the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation is continuing.


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