Historic French Gulch Hotel and Restaurant making a comeback

Apr 3, 2014 7:50 PM

A father-son duo are bringing stability back to an historic landmark.

"I bought this place because I honestly think French Gulch cannot survive without it."

The Jue family is bringing back the old charm to the historic French Gulch Hotel and Restaurant.

It first opened during the gold mining craze in 1885, and barely survived the French Fire 10 years ago.

"...and if I can give back to the community and be part of the community, that's exactly what I'm gonna do."

Eric and his father, Jack, bought the hotel and restaurant in December, hoping to bring it back to life.

"...my game plan is to be open more, to be regular."

The Jue's have lived in "The Gulch" for the last 14 years, so they want the hotel and restaurant to feel like home for their clients.

"ever since I found out he got a new, nice pool table in here, I made it home."

Besides the activities, Eric says good food is a must for a place like this to stay alive.

"...first thing is good food. I believe that food is the most important part."

And he's already got a fan.

"Eric makes the best hamburger I think I've ever ate."

Eric wants to see the French Gulch Hotel and Restaurant bring the community back together -- and keep it growing.

"I just really think this place right here is the heart and soul of French Gulch."

The hotel now hosts live music and specials throughout the month -- they open at 5pm Monday, and at noon from Tuesday through Saturday.


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