Highway 99 Collision Sends Three to the Hospital, Including a Good Samaritan

Nov 12, 2010 8:27 PM

Thirty-one year old Marci Grell of Cottonwood was just being a good samaritan Tuesday afternoon. She witnessed a horrible crash on highway 99e, pulled over to help, and ended up in critical condition.

Marie McVey says, "she's a hero. That's all there is to it." That's the way everyone who has heard about this story is describing Marci Grell. On tuesday just after 5:30 in the evening, Natasha and Jeremiah Root were pulling out of their driveway in Dairyville. The driver of a truck headed northbound on the highway couldn't stop in time and smashed into their car. Marie says, "it was like a sledge hammer hitting a huge piece of metal."

Marie McVey is Natasha's mother. She witnessed the horrific scene. She says the truck went off the road, while the car spun out of control and stopped in the southbound lane blocking traffic. Grell pulled over to help them. she was still trying to get them out of the car when the bus hit her. Marie says, "the city bus comes by the driveway, slows down a little bit, then accelerates and nailed them."

Grell got caught under the bus and was dragged down the street until the bus driver could stop. The Roots were unable to speak on camera because of their conditions, but their mother is speaking on their behalf. Marie says, "that was so compassionate. That was the most loving thing anyone can ever do. Is just to go out and be there to help somebody."

The Roots are still in the hospital. Natasha with 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung, broken clavical, and a broken pelvic bone. Jeremiah has back injuries, neck injuries, and a concussion. Grell remains in critical condition at a bay area hospital with severe head injuries.


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