Higher Gas Prices = Higher Grocery Bills

Feb 28, 2011 8:15 PM

Chris Leitner, S&L Meat Sales&Marketing Manager says, "It's going to affect everybody. It's going to affect us, ultimately its going to affect the consumer the most."

Consumers like Yvette Irons, who is concerned about more than just the spike in gas prices. Yvette says, "Where I expect to see a pinch in my pocket book is all the increase prices for food and how all the businesses are going to have to compensate for all the gas prices."

And she's right. According to AAA, diesel is currently at $3.94 in Chico, and over $4 in Redding and Sacramento.. Which means producers and retailers will have to increase their prices to make up for the increase cost in fuel.. With the diesel increases, consumers will also have to watch out for the rising costs of produce and other food items.

According to the World Bank, food prices have soared 29% in the past year alone. And its only going to get worse from here. Food prices aren't the only thing being affected anymore. Other commodities are also on the rise..

Chico Resident Mike Rominek says, "I do see it everywhere because I'm in construction and were buying supplies and products so not only food. It affects food and everything across the boarders."Chris says, "Right now it's certainly vicious. Ultimately I hope there's some sort to solution to the problem."

And for now.. There doesn't seem to be a way around the high priced cycle.


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