Higher enrollment for career and technical programs

Feb 12, 2014 8:26 PM

Some people think going the route of a four year university is the next step after high school but many are signing up for career and technical programs instead. There's a high demand for many careers including respiratory therapy, auto, business, and more. “Drafting. There’s a huge need for drafters. Computer science. We have a program now that's reaching out to women becoming coders. Huge program there. Welding, as always, has a lot of opportunities," said Denise Adams, Dean of Career and Technical Education at Butte College.

Some students even use these programs as a stepping stone to a university and in the process, gaining an education and having the skills to start a career early and start making money. "A lot of students come and get their general education done here before transferring. In the process, they can also get degrees and certificates in career programs," said Adams.

With these programs, students have a great opportunity for hands on learning and exposure to career options they might not get by going to a four year university. "It's pretty impressive at a community college to watch somebody come in, do a career and technical program in the span of 2 years, have an associate degree and certificates, and really make a significant impact on their ability to support their families," explained Adams.

Another perk to these career and technical programs is the cost, which is much less than a university. You also get your degree in less time, so you won't continue to add to those student loans.

If you want more information on the programs at Butte College, you can find more information at www.butte.edu. For salary information about these careers, you can find it by going on to http://salarysurfer.cccco.edu/SalarySurfer.aspx.


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