Here comes the rain!

Nov 27, 2014 9:13 PM by Kris Kuyper

Thanksgiving turned into a mostly cloudy but dry day around the North State... the last day we won't see rain for quite a while. The plume of moisture that brought us today's clouds will move southward tomorrow, bringing us light rain. The rain will begin in the north first, so Redding will see the rain develop in the late morning, while Chico will have to wait until the late afternoon for it to arrive. Weakening low pressure will move over us Saturday, giving us the threat of showers, but nothing that heavy. There will be long spells of dry weather in-between these showers.

A stronger low will drop southward and get closer to us on Sunday, pumping more showers to us. Then, as the low tightens up, the wet weather may rotate more around it and get pulled offshore... Monday and Tuesday look like just a few scattered showers... Not too wet. As the low continues to approach us, that will push a steady rain into the North State by Wednesday. That now looks like our wettest day, with some lingering showers into Thursday. So, the total amount of rain hasn't really changed, but the delayed timing of this storm just means we're stretching that same amount of rain out over almost a whole week, instead of just a few days. That will give it more time to soak into the ground... Much of this storm will be off-and-on showers, with dry weather in-between these showers.

Snow levels will hover around 5000'.


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