Help Requested to Identify Bodies

Apr 15, 2013 11:47 PM

Over the last ten months, the Shasta County Coroners Office has had the burden of trying to identify three different sets of bones discovered around the county. So far they have had few leads..

Bodies come in to the Shasta County Coroners office on a regular basis, but not being able to identify one is rare.

"Generally we have had unidentified remains before but usually have have some idea do to the time frame or a certain location," said Lt. Janet Breshears, Shasta Chief Deputy Coroner.

The first of the bodies was found last July in the Henderson Open Space. It was a male 5'8" to 6'2", between 35 and 55 yrs old. Probably white and probably dead for longer than a year.

"He had some sort of surgery intervention on his right and and there were screws in there. so we were hoping by putting it out, someone would remember a loved one that they reported missing or knew of he had a surgery in his right hand," said Breshears.

The second skeleton was found scattered in a ravine behind the Old Millhouse Deli on February 5th. A white male, over 50 years old, between 5'5" to 6 feet tall. He had been dead 6-months to a year.

"He had a depew implant in his shoulder. so if someone came forward we would be able to track that name to where they had their surgery and hopefully get the ID," said Breshears.

The last case is possibly the most interesting. A female around 5-feet tall. She was found near the Redding Fish and Game office last month. She wore a red halter dress, tan trench coat and size 8 reeboks.

But what was in her pockets indicates how long she was missing.

"All of the change that she had, which was not a significant amount, but it was a little handful.. were up to 1999 coins," said Breshears

The coroners office says these are just a rough descriptions of who these people may have been, they are not exact. If you think for any reason, you knew something about these people before they died, your asked to call the Shasta County Coroner.


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