Heavy Rain Floods Chico Homes

Feb 10, 2014 8:33 PM

Heavy thunderstorms moved across the north state last night dumping torrential rain and even some small hail. Some Chico residents were awoken by the sound of water rushing into their homes. "I came out. I opened the door from the house to the garage and a bunch of water flooded in at that point and I closed that quickly. It was at least knee deep when I finally made it outside," explained Melissa Blofsky, a resident on Bancroft Drive whose home was flooded.

Water was bubbling up from the storm drains and flooding the streets causing firefighters to break down some fencing to let the water flow. The muddy water came flooding into the homes and damaging flooring and anything in its path. The water also washed away much of the landscaping around the homes with the total damage costs rising into the tens of thousands. "My husband seems to think about $30,000. I’m not sure. It’s not good. We’re going to need all new flooring in our house and redo the side yards," said Blofsky.

City crews responded Sunday night and Monday morning to help clear out the street. “We responded last night when we had heavy rain inundation. We had our Vac-Con crews and our lines crews out working to clear drains. This afternoon we're sweeping the street and using our Vac-Con to make sure the storm drain system is clear and flowing," said Kirby White, Public Works Manager for the city of Chico.

Neighbors experienced a similar situation last year shortly after new development was completed on their street. Many think this is more than just a coincidence and are pointing the finger to poor planning and drainage. Residents say they're not waiting for this to happen to them again. They're going to take legal action.


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