Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Feb 3, 2012 6:39 PM

When asked what their favorite food to eat during the Super Bowl game, a few Chico residents said, "Wings and burgers." "The snacky stuff, the dips.." "Hot wings, definitely hot wings." "Whiskey and nachos." Whatever it is, Americans typically eat too much of it during the game on Super Bowl Sunday. And this year, seems to be no exception.

Nutritionist at the Chico Creek Wellness Center, Dr. Deborah Penner says, "Most people over eat, over drink, and in addition, sit on the couch most of the day." It is estimated that during this year's Super Bowl, Americans will consume 450 million chicken wings, 13.2 million pounds of avocados, and 1,200 calories during the game. And employees at Bellas and The Graduate say, locally it's no different. "People come in, they're getting their large platters. We have samplers, we have an animal, which is five full appetizers, nacho grandes," says Graduate employee Josh Otto.

But Dr. Penner at the Chico Creek Wellness Center says there may be a healthier way to indulge during the big game.. Simply by watching what you eat. "Minimize things like chips, bread, pizza, pretzels, stuff like that, which is basically very simple carbohydrates."

Typically 30 million pounds of potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels and popcorn will be eaten during Super Bowl Sunday. But Dr. Penner says, cut out the carbs, and try these foods instead. "Put out big bowls of almonds, walnuts, that are easy to grab instead of candy, chips. 15 Put out a big plate of chopped up vegetables with some good dips." And if temptation takes over, there is always the age old saying to follow; ‘everything in moderation.’


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