Healthy Students Initiative

Oct 23, 2013 7:35 PM

For students at Happy Valley Elementary School, fruits and vegetables are a mealtime staple.

Administrators at the school are hoping to help instill healthy food habits at an early age.

"We do sustain a college-going culture. We talk about the future with all of our students. In order to be active, productive citizens of society, they need to be nutritionally well-balanced and active," said Janet Tufts, Superintendent of the Happy Valley Union School District.

The two schools in the Happy Valley Union School District were awarded $20,000 by Healthy Shasta's "Healthy Students Initiative."

In total, nine local school districts will share $174,000 in grant money to improve school meals.

Happy Valley Elementary School will use the money to purchase new kitchen equipment and improve meals by making more homemade food on-site, as opposed to getting it delivered frozen or pre-made.

"Now our school kitchens are often outdated and don't have the equipment to move back to scratch-cooking, which there is definitely more interest in, so our grants are raelly here to help these schools create more from scratch-cooking," said Healthy Students Initiative Coordinator April Jurisich.

A portion of the grant money is going towards the school's garden project, where students are able to plant their own vegetables and see them show up at the salad bar later on.

This was the second year that Happy Valley Union School District has received grant money.

The Healthy Students Initiative will be accepting grant applicants for the 2014-15 school year in March or April of next year.


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