Healthcare enrollment begins November 15th

Nov 10, 2014 7:52 PM

John Sweeney from Sweeney and Sweeney Insurance Services says they expect a 50% drop in enrollment this year.

"The biggest difference is the dates again, I think everyone needs to be aware where open enrollments begins November 15th." says John Sweeney.

Last year enrollment lasted six months due to the complications with the roll out. This year is a different story, the enrollment is three months and ends on February 15th for 2015. Those registering in the first month will have insurance effective January 1st.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, made headlines for months last year due to the web site that failed. This year Sweeney says the government has made adjustments that he hopes will make a difference.

"There were some major problems, but this year they have done a lot of upgrades and we are cautiously optimistic that it is going to be better this year."

Sweeney says Covered California was not prepared last year for the volume of Hispanic people in the market for insurance. He says the state is taking aim at the Hispanic market.

"They didn't have brochures Covered California did not have enough people that someone could call and speak Spanish. So there has been a lot of beef up in the marketing materials and they have a whole out reach for that."

People looking to for coverage this year are urged to be prepared including knowing if your physician is covered.

"You really need to check with your doctor if you want to keep your doctor to make sure they are a part of ANthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield through Covered California because the lists are limited."

In addition, Sweeney says people should have their proper income and tax documentation ready when enrolling to speed up the process.

For more information you can visit Covered California.


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