Head Lice Hits Chico State

Nov 6, 2013 8:27 PM

A lice outbreak on the Chico State campus has some students on edge and health officials are trying to take action to prevent it from spreading. The first reported cases were on Monday and Tuesday of last week when a couple of students were confirmed to have lice. Officials at the Student Health Center say it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. "Later in the week I think after they had gone back and talked to their dorm mates, we had sort of a swell of students that came over and they were concerned that they might have it" explained Jill Cannaday, Nursing Supervisor at the Student Health Center.

The Student Health Center said they saw about forty students come in and about half of them were confirmed to have lice. Most of those students lived in Lassen Hall but university officials are telling students they shouldn't be alarmed. "It's a nuisance. It’s not a health issue. There’s no disease carried with lice. So what we want to do is help the students know how to treat it" said Cannaday.

Educating the students is the best way to help stop the spread and some students we spoke to said they're taking precautions. "I don’t share anything with anyone that could spread it and nobody is sitting on my bed anymore. We’re all just trying to have person distance with each other just to make sure we don't spread it" said Danielle Dabir, Lassen Hall Resident.

If you have the symptoms, school officials say not to come to the health center. They’re advising students to wash their clothes and bedding in hot water and use over the counter treatments for lice. "We do sympathize with the students. It’s a nuisance but unfortunately if we tried to have everybody who lived in Lassen come through, we wouldn't be able to see our other patients who are sick" said Cannaday.

Although this isn't epidemic proportions, the reported cases are above normal and outbreaks like this happen every few years.


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