Hayley Riggins memorial draws thousands to Anderson River Park

May 5, 2014 8:13 PM

A heartfelt memorial today in Anderson, remembering Hayley Riggins.
While riding her motorcycle last month, she was fatally struck by an impaired driver, suspected of being under the influence of prescription drugs, marijuana and methamphetamine.

It started as a symphony of rumbling engines -- as hundreds of bikers joined the motorcade led by law enforcement and the "Missing in America" project, to remember 26 year-old Hayley Riggins.

She was struck on April 24th by a drugged driver at the intersection of Placer and Buenaventura.

She was taken off life support this past Wednesday.

Members of the Hells Angels and 14.5 Motorcycle Club -- which is led by Hayley's fiancee -- Thomas Podlas -- also took part in the procession from the crash site to Anderson River Park.

It was there where emotions ran high, as family and friends described how Hayley touched their lives.

“Hayley had a really big heart…I watched her grow up…we're gonna miss her everyday from this point on.”

Hayley's 7 year-old stepdaughter Kailey also remembered her the same way.

“She was a nice girl...used to cook dinner for us and daddy…”

Thousands of people came to Anderson River Park to give support and remember Hayley.

“Did Hayley know this many people were going to come out? No.”

Her family tells me, the hardest part of it all is Hayley's 10 month-old daughter Kadence, who didn't get a chance to know how great her mother was.

“Kadence is gonna learn through the voices of everybody else…of what a wonderful mom she had.”

Now, Mark says it's time for the family to heal.

“Today represents the family healing...it's going to be a day by day thing...”

According to the Shasta County Sheriff's Office, 53 year old Virginia Anderson -- the woman who collided with Hayley -- is out on bail.


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