Halloween Wraps Up

Nov 1, 2010 5:32 PM

Like most Chico Halloweens, downtown was packed full of party goers Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday proved the busiest of the weekend seeing a crowd of close to 10,000, many from out of town. "Normally our Halloween night itself is the busiest night, this year it was the Friday and Saturday nights leading up to the Sunday that was the busiest" explained Sergeant Rob Merrifield from the Chico Police Department.
Police arrested 22 people on Sunday, a low number considering it was Halloween night. Saturday was a different story. 57 people were arrested, nearly 40 of them were for drunk in public. 37 arrests were made Friday night, three for DUI and two people were stabbed, though the victims were not seriously injured. "About half of the people that we arrested were from out of town, a lot of those indicated that they were here to visit friends that go to school here, but most of the arrests were not students" said Merrifield. Like Laura Olson from Orange County who spoke with Action News Saturday night. " We know the cops are here and it's going to get crazy, so I'm excited" said Olson.
And while the holiday weekend was in no way an easy one, this year proved less violent."The fact that there's school in session today and people seemed to maybe use up their energy Saturday night" stated Merrifield.
Large crowds did pose safety issues for officers at times, but one Chico State Student we caught up with Sunday night had her own theory on why things didn't get too out of hand. "Friday there was a big party, everyone was blacked out. Then Saturday we took it a little easy and saved ourselves for Halloween" said Chico State Student Kelsey Bumgarner. Whatever the reason, officers are glad its over. "When we get to the Monday on the other side, we're always relieved" explained Merrifield.


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