Halloween safety plans

Oct 30, 2015 11:02 AM by Mega Sugianto

In the past Chico Police reports Halloween was packed with chaotic parties and bad behavior. In recent years, law enforcement has cracked down on the party scene.

Chico Police Lt. Billy Aldridge said Halloween in Chico is tamer than it’s been in the past. However, with Halloween landing on a Saturday, Aldridge says they are not letting their guard down.

“I think that’s a direct result of the zero tolerance posture we’ve taken over the years,” said Aldridge noting police officers will write citations, not warnings, to all law-breakers.

Through Sunday, a glass ban is in effect-- which means no glass within the downtown area.

Also, there is a social host ordinance, meaning the person hosting a party is responsible for what happens under his/her roof.

Outside agencies will assist the Chico Police Department, with 150 law enforcement officers patrolling the streets through Sunday.

“We want [people] to go out there and have fun but we want them to be safe and act responsible,” said Aldridge. “If you’re not, we’re going to hold you accountable for it.”

Police say this Halloween weekend will cost the department around $50,000.

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