Hail Storm Vehicle Damage

Oct 7, 2011 2:03 AM

Chico residents are talking about the 'golf-ball sized hail chunks' that fell from the sky Wednesday evening. But it was what drivers found on the roofs of their cars the next morning, that everyone's talking about. Kareem Abouzeid from Knockout Collision Repair says, "I've seen several new vehicles where the whole body is dented up.."

And only few were able to save their vehicle. Chico resident Kelly Henningsen says, "People were running out and covering their car windshields with towels.." "I actually went out and covered my car because I already have a cracked windshield so I didn't want it to break," says Chico resident Caroline Cantrell.

Car owners aren't the only ones who have damages to deal with. Dealerships like Chuck Patterson in Chico had nearly 150 vehicles parked outside during the hail storm.

Chuck Patterson General Sales Manager Brad Marr says, "23 years I've been with the Patterson family, and we've never had hail like this in Chico before." So minor hail damage to their inventory, is a problem they've never faced before. But they aren't the only ones.. Chico Nissan Hyundai and Courtesy Motors also say the majority of their vehicles sustained minor damages. So how do they deal with a problem that affects nearly all the vehicles in the lot? "There's lots of options and that's what we're trying to do right now is figure out which one is best for us," Marr says.

As for private vehicle owners.. "Insurance does cover it.. Usually its covered under a comprehensive claim," says Abouzeid. Which he says offers a lower deductable, and usually won't affect rates. But depending on the insurance, the amount of damage, and whether parts will need to be replaced all together, the bill still adds up. Abouzeid says, "There are certainly some that the damages are as high as 10-thousand or more than that..."


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