Guns And Hoses

Mar 27, 2011 9:07 PM

Some of Butte County's finest hung up their uniforms and strapped themselves into wheelchairs for a guns and hoses basketball tournament at Marsh Junior High. Money raised at Saturday's event will go to Sunshine Connection, a non-profit organization serving children which is designed to improve self-esteem. " That's what we're about, is having all kids and people together with and without disabilities for the sake of a community", said Faelin Klein, Sunshine Connection's executive Director.
Participants say it also allows them to be seen helping their community without their uniforms. " In all public safety professions we see a lot of challenging things, so when we get the opportunity to so something on the positive side and interact with kids and support the community, it's always a nice opportunity to have that ability", said Cal Fire Butte County Fire Battalion Chief Marlene Heisey.
Even with the Butte County SWAT Team and fire personnel's busy jobs, both sides were all too happy to give up a day, to play basketball and support local youth. " A few of them took today off even to come out and play and some had vacations planned and they put those off to com out today", said Sergeant Steve Boyd with the Butte County SWAT Team.
And both sides say they are in it to win it. " We work together side by side the police and fire department, but when you get in a friendly game, it gets a little competitive", said Heisey. And even though the competition is fierce, both teams agree the real winners in the end will be the children." It's a good group and a good organization", said Boyd.
On top of the admission fees, Sunshine Connection will also received money from raffled of items all donated by local businesses.


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