Gun Scare on Campus

Apr 16, 2013 8:09 PM

Nerves are on edge across the country following the attack in Boston.
At Chico State Tuesday, University Police investigated an unconfirmed report that a person on campus might have a gun in their possession.
It was reported by a student near Glenn Hall shortly after 1:00 p.m.
They thought they saw someone drop a weapon from a distance.
But school officials say there wasn't a good description, and that person was never located ... so there were no immediate notifications issued.
University Spokesman Joe Wills told Action News that, "Coming the day after the Boston bombing we wanted to make sure people are not unduly worried. At the same time we're going to follow anything. So, if somebody reports we'll look into it and check it out."
Wills says there are no extra security measures in place following the events in Boston.
But he says it's never okay to bring a weapon on campus, with the exception of Law Enforcement Officers. ###


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