Gun Sales Skyrocketing

Dec 28, 2012 8:53 PM

As talks of gun control happen on a national level, people locally are buying up all the guns they can find. In recent weeks gun shops in Redding, and across the nation have been inundated with first time gun owners and repeat buyers.

People are making a run on the gun shops because they don't know what they will be able to buy if gun control legislation is passed.

As he was sighting in his rifle Friday morning, Beau Bradley reflected on his concerns about possible federal gun control.

“It’s not the gun, it’s the person, that’s what I feel because a gun is a tool, it’s not a weapon in my opinion” said Bradley, who has been shooting for years. He says he would consider buying another gun in advance of gun control regulations going in to effect.

“It would before they banned it all, kinda like rush before it is gone,” said Bradley.

And that rush is already happening, Olde West Gun and Loan in Redding reports record sales figures in recent weeks.

“I have been absolutely swamped. i have never in all the years i have been in the business seen it as busy as it is right now,” said Rich Howell, manager of Olde West.

Howell says this is not the first time that gun control has spurred sales, in 1993, the year before the assault weapons ban was made law, California gun sales reached a high of 642,000. A number Howell expects we'll exceed this year.

“This time of year, the state might do 2000 background checks a day, and we are doing anywhere from 4-5 thousand right now,” said Howell.

But the question is, will a change on the federal level have any effect on the state with the strictest gun laws in the nation?

“Very strict gun laws. We already have an assault weapons law, we already have one handgun a month, we have a 10 day waiting period on a background check,” said Howell.

The uncertainty around that question is precisely why people are buying guns now... They don't want to wait and see what laws congress will decide to pass.

Also on the rise, partially due to rising crime rates and ab-109, are concealed weapons permits.

Sheriff Bosenko said Friday, requests for those are at an all time high.


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