Gun Found in Chico Kindergarten Class Student Backpack was a .22 Revolver

Oct 1, 2015 6:36 PM by News Staff

The handgun that a Chico kindergarten teacher found in a backpack of a five-year-old student on Tuesday was an older, unloaded 22-caliber revolver last registered in Butte County in 1960, according to the Butte County Sheriff's Offce.

According to a spokesperson for Chico Unified School District, the Chapman Elementary School teacher found the gun while searching for one of the student's books. When the teacher asked the student about the gun, he reportedly told her that it was a toy-gun he had at home. It was later confirmed that the gun was the real thing.

Investigators say the boy's parents have been questioned and have said they do not know how the child found the gun. Sheriff officials also told Action News Now that the person of registered to the gun moved out of the state years ago and the parents have no connection to the former legal owner of the gun. There have been no arrests, but the investigations continues.

A gun owner can face criminal charges under the California Penal Code for not properly securing a firearm that is taken by someone else and leads to harm. There are also added charges for gun owners in the event that their firearm, loaded or unloaded, makes it way to a school or school-sponsored event by someone else.


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