Groups File Suit Over Delta Plan

Jun 17, 2013 9:04 PM

A statewide coalition of environmental and fishing groups has filed a lawsuit against the long-range plan to manage the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
It's the fourth lawsuit filed against the Delta plan in the past month.
The plaintiffs include Northern California's AquAlliance and Friends of the River.
Members held a news conference Monday against the background of Chico's Five Mile and Big Chico Creek.
They claim the plan ... which lays the groundwork for Governor Brown's proposed water export tunnels ... should be set aside, until it's reworked.
AquAlliance Executive Director Barbara Vlamis said, "It fails to disclose and analyze the devastating adverse environmental consequences on Northern California Rivers, the Delta, endangered species of fish and farmers, resulting from taking of enormous amounts of fresh water of the Sacramento River upstream from the Delta."
The Delta Plan is charged with providing a more reliable water supply for cities and farms, and protecting and restoring the Delta ecosystem.
An attorney for the California Water Impact Network calls the suit the "opening salvo" in what will be an "epic legal battle" over the future of water in California.##


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