Group files suit over Mount Shasta water bottling plant

Aug 26, 2015 11:26 AM by Associated Press

A group of neighbors and activists have sued a water company and Siskiyou County over environmental concerns for a bottling plant planned near Mount Shasta.

The Los Angeles Times reports Tuesday that the group has been pressing Crystal Geyser Water Co. to conduct an environmental review before opening the bottling plant.

Residents worry that the facility could leave them dry.

The plant would rely on the city sewage plant. It draws on water that filters through the fractured volcanic rock of Mt. Shasta, forming the headwaters of the Sacramento River.

The suit also asserts that because the plant will produce flavored beverages and blow-molded plastic bottles, it requires permits that would trigger certain environmental review under California law.

City and county officials have said they have no legal authority to require an environmental impact report. A company representative declined comment.


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