Grilla Bites reopens with new owners

Jun 29, 2014 6:44 PM by Charlene Cheng

The torch was passed from the former owners of Grilla Bites, to the new owners.

"It was our joy. It was amazing. It was like having people in my house everyday and feeding them really good food," Coleen Garcia said.

Coleen and Brian Garcia shut their doors in March to prepare for their move to Southern California, but three months later, the Karim family swooped in to save the day.

"People are so excited and enthusiastic and they're happy to see Grilla Bites back, so we're hoping to be here and serving the community, we're glad to reopen such a healthy place," said Leila Karim, who now co-owns the restauant with her husband.

While they plan to keep the mission of serving fresh, healthy food, there's a couple of notable additions to the menu.

"Our newest addition is that we have Ethiopian food. First in Redding, and it's really popular. People love it and it sells out everyday," Karim said.

Grilla Bites is currently only open for lunch, except on Thursdays when they close at nine.

The owners are currently working on developing a dinner menu, and plan to eventually stay open late every night.


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