Gridley High School Band Marching in Pearl Harbor Parade

May 6, 2011 8:35 PM

December 7th 1941.. A date which will live in infamy.. This year will mark the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.. And to honor that and those who fought.. a memorial parade will take place on the island of Oahu
December 7th.. Flute player Brittin Squires says, "It's really an amazing thing to honor and see all those people there. It will be awesome." "I don't feel like they're honored enough. So to be able to do it in this type of way.. It really makes a lot of us proud," Clarinet player Lorann Cocca says.

Members of the Gridley High School Band are anxiously awaiting that day.. As they have been the only school selected from the state to represent the U.S.S California in the parade.. Alto Saxophone player Marissa Edwards says, "To think that such a little band got picked instead of one from L.A. or anywhere is just amazing."

And members attribute that to their band director, John Haeberle, who has lead them to 9 years in a row of Disneyland performances.. where they were noticed.. The seventy member band has raised roughly 90 thousand dollars so far, but are still in need of thirty thousand more.. And won't stop until they get there.. "People can't give as much as they want to.. so I think perseverance and determination to reach our goal really makes us stand out," Lorann says.

Needless to say, the band members are jazzed. It'll be the first time Brittin Squires has ever even been on a plane. Brittin says, "I'm also looking forward to the polynesian cultural center.." Marissa says, "Of course the beach will be nice.. I've never been there so the whole experience will just be exciting."

If you would like to donate.. you can log on to their facebook page.. which you can access through our website by clicking on news links.


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