Green Bay Packer's Fan

Jan 31, 2011 8:16 PM

"The little guy was a Steeler fan when he was born, but after that, he came to grandma's house and now he's a packer backer" said Monica Schneider. Green Bay native Monica Schneider has been a Packer's fan for as long as she can remember, and she's determined to make her four month old grandson Talen a Packers fan as well, but there's a problem. " My daughter married... and this is the guy's only fault... a Steelers fan" explained Schneider.
That's why Talen now sports this homemade onsie Schneider made for him, half Green Bay Packers, half Pittsburg Steelers. He also bundles up at night in an authentic blanket made by his Green Bay grandma. " The kids getting changed every couple hours, so I just decided to keep him in one outfit all day long" said Schneider.
Schneider isn't alone in her love for the Packers, her daughter went to school with Aaron Rodgers and says come Superbowl Sunday, or as they refer to it, the family feud, her husband will pretty much be on his own. " Maybe him, his parents and a couple of his friends, but pretty much everyone else is going Green Bay" said Katie Bennett.
And they'll all be on the edge of their seats. " I'm gonna be a basket case, my blood pressure just shoots up every time the Packers are on" said Schneider. But she doesn't doubt for a second, Rodgers will be hoisting that hallowed Lombardi trophy. " We're gonna win!" said Schneider.


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