Great turn out for Kristina Chesterman Memorial Run

Apr 19, 2015 8:50 PM

It's been almost two years since Kristina Chesterman was killed by a drunk driver on Nord Avenue. However, her compassion and love of life continues to inspire people.
Dozens participants showed up to Bidwell Park Sunday morning to run in the Second Annual Kristina Chesterman Memorial Run.
"It's an honor," event organizer Tiffany Hefelin said. "It's a lot of hard work but it's great to see everyone here supporting Kristina."
Runners from Butte College School of Nursing and Enloe Medical Center showed up to help pay tribute to Chesterman, who was a nursing student at Chico State. Funds from the run went to help the construction of a clinic in Africa bearing her name.
"Just to see the impact that Kristina has had on so many people," said Dave Chesterman, Kristina's father." "So many good things are happening because of her and the things that she wanted to do in her life."
Kristina's impact on the world isn't just isolated to Africa, however, she continues to impact lives here in the North State.
"People that didn't even know her were here today," Kristina's mother, Sandra Chesterman said. "One woman is a Lifeflight nurse and she told me that she carries a picture of Kristina with her. Another girl was in a bike accident and she survived. She told me she talks to Kristina every day."
The Kristina Memorial Clinic is set to open in Southeastern Nigeria in December and will cater to women, children and people with diabetes.


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