Great Gas Giveaway Winner

May 27, 2011 7:01 PM

"I looked at the kids and said, 'Oh my God, that's me'..." Meet Marjorie Barker from Orland.. A former special education teacher, with a big heart.. At the age of 73 she has raised 18 children.. Four of her own, and the others adopted or foster children.. Six of whom are living with disabilities.. So this gas money is crucial for her family.. "It's a God send on the budget, so we're real thrilled."

Her 27-year-old son Ben, is living at home because of a recent diagnosis with cancer while also living with cerebral palsy.. Marjorie had to frequently drive ben to and from San Francisco while he underwent surgery.. Shortly after that, she began taking him to Red Bluff for radiation.. five days a week for nine months.

Now he only needs to check in with doctors once every two weeks, but the risings cost of gas has put a huge dent in this family's minimal budget.. "It's still expensive, it gets real expensive.."

Marjorie also has the youngest of her 18 children living at home.. Twenty-one year old Rosie has autism and frequently has doctor's visits that require a full tank of gas.. "With Ben and all the medical and Rosie's medical stuff, the gas was our biggest problem."

Marjorie says winning the 'Great Gas Giveaway' helps ease her mind about all the money she has to spend to fill her tank.. and now she can focus more attention on her 18 wonderful children.. "We're really excited about it.. Couldn't be more thankful."

We had a great time doing this 'Great Gas Giveaway' and want to thank Tri Counties Bank. In all, we gave away 45 hundred dollars split between the 16 winners.


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