Grass Valley 'Animal Place' plans to save 1,800 hens from North State farm

Mar 18, 2014 7:14 PM

A Grass Valley animal sanctuary called Animal Place plans to rescue 1,800 hens from a North State farm.

The operators of farm sanctuary in Orland have nothing to do with this coming rescue, but they are no strangers to these kind of rescue operations.

They also have close ties with Animal Place, joining together two years ago to save hundreds of chickens from a Turlock farm.

The Sanctuary's animal care manager said the rescue process is extensive.

Most need medical care right away, and even walking from cage to dirt is a steep learning curve.

“To see them taking their first steps outside when the sun is overhead, and dirt or grass is under their feet, and to see them kind of waking up to who they really are…it’s really wonderful to see,” Animal Care Manager Kerrie Wooten said.

If you'd like to make one from this upcoming rescue your pet, click here.

Action News Now also spoke with Kim Sturla, Executive Director of Animal Place over the phone today. She said they've received 200 adoption applications so far, but are still hoping to get enough applications to rescue all 1,800 hens.


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