Grandmother of Orland bus crash victim visits crash site

Sep 15, 2014 11:37 PM by Joe Moeller

Five months have passed since the Orland bus crash tragedy that left 10 dead, and tonight the grandmother of one of those who died says she has closure. She visited the place where the crash happened on Interstate 5 today.

"I been trying to get here, trying to get here." says Debra Loyd.

Loyd traveled from Los Angeles to drop a wreath to remember her grandson Michael Lee Myvett. Myvett and his fiancee Mattison Haywood were on their way to Humboldt University when tragedy struck.

"It is five months since the accident" says Loyd.

Loyd and Myvetts godfather Dyke Redmond came to Orland to thank first responders.

"I wanted to know what really happened, how did they help the kids, and they were just right there on the spot."

Loyd says she wanted to know more, she explains the day as a joyful one.

"The first responders and everyone, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I have closure now. i am not the first grandmother and I am not going to be the last, you just got to let go and let god take care of everything and thats what I have."

Like the traffic on the freeway Loyd says life goes on.

"I am happy, happy, happy I came." adds Loyd.


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