Grand Jury report reveals troubling child abuse trends in Shasta County

Jun 25, 2015 8:32 PM by News Staff

The Shasta County Grand Jury Report has pinpointed some troubling countywide trends, including heroin and meth abuse, plus a staggering amount of child abuse cases.

Shasta County's rate of child maltreatment is more than twice that of California's rate. A study conducted by First 5 LA shows that almost 13 percent of children born in Shasta County between 2006 and 2007 were victims of neglect or abuse within their first five years of life.

Jean King, the Executive Director of One Safe Place told Action News Now the finding are not surprising.

"When people ask, why is Shasta County so bad and such, you go back to these situations in the home and little children, you know, we're failing our children here in working with them" King said.

Recent juvenile court data shows 88 percent of children removed from their families were in homes where one or both parents have substance abuse issues.

A recent census also shows that almost 25 percent of children in Shasta County live in poverty.


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