Gov. Brown Issues Emergency Proclamation for Shasta County

Oct 31, 2013 4:16 PM

Gov. Jerry Brown issued the proclamation in response to the Clover Fire which destroyed 68 residences and scorched over 8,000 acres in September. Shasta County proclaimed a local emergency on September 12 in order to request state aid in the recovery effort.

“Under the provisions of section 8558(b) of the California Government Code, I find that conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property exists within the county of Shasta due to these events,” Brown stated in his proclamation.

As part of Brown’s proclamation the one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance applicants left jobless due to the fire will be suspended in order to provide those workers immediate assistance. The proclamation also calls for all state agencies with responsibility in connection to the Clover Fire to “cooperate fully and act expeditiously in coordination with the California Natural Resources Agency and the California Environmental Protection Agency to facilitate the mitigation of the effects of the wildfire and the environmental restoration of the affected areas.”

The governor has called upon the Department of Housing and Community Development to use its resources to allow existing grantees of Community Development Block Grants to re-program their grants to provide funding assistance for the county.

The Clover Fire began September 9 in the Igo-Ono area and was fully contained September 15. In total, it burned 8,073 acres, destroyed 68 residences and 128 outbuildings, damaged five additional residences and 10 outbuildings and resulted in one death.


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