Gov. Brown funds Logueâ??s proposal to reinforce illegal pot grow laws

Jan 9, 2014 3:04 PM

State Assemblymen and Chief Republican Whip Dan Logue was elated to hear Gov. Jerry Brown’s commitment to infuse $3.3 million for enforcement of marijuana cultivation laws.

“I am very grateful to Gov. Brown for understanding how big of an issue this is,” said Logue. “I was very happy to work with him and his staff last year to assess the severe environmental impacts of legal and illegal marijuana farms. I was very encouraged by the progress we made, and am pleased that enforcement of cultivation laws is a priority for the Governor.”

Logue formed a task force in 2013 to study the status of cultivation enforcement and the impact illegal marijuana grows have on the state’s environment and water sources. After seeing the environmental damage taking hold as a result of these grows in Butte County and other North State counties, Logue became concerned with the lack of regulation. The task force included members of the Governor’s staff, the Butte County Board of Supervisors, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and representatives from the California Control Board.

According to Logue’s press release, $1.8 million of the Governor’s proposed budget will be allocated to the State Water Resource Control Board to fund 11 positions to rebuff the prevention of illegal stream diversion and, discharges of pollutants into waterways and other water quality impacts relating to illegal marijuana production. The budget will also include an infusion of $1.5 million to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to fund seven positions to investigate and enforce violations of illegal streambed alterations.

“I worked diligently this year to find ways to protect our resources from illegal marijuana cultivation,” said Logue. “I am grateful the Governor has allocated funding for this statewide issue.”

Read the actual grant funding for illegal marijuana grow regulation in the proposed state budget

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