Google Fiber-Optic Network Meeting

Mar 8, 2010 7:54 PM

What would an ultra-high speed broadband network do for a community like Chico?

If you ask Bob Linscheid from Chico Economic Planning Corporation, he will tell you it will distinguish us from other cities and bring an economic boost to the area. "When you have that infrastructure you become attractive to companies, and when you become attractive to companies, you can build an economy."

Google recently announced that is it looking for several cities for the search engine giant to set up a high speed broadband network. With lightning fast speed, Linscheid got on board to promote Chico as an option. "Our city is very interested, our university is interested, or medical center is interested, and they all have substantial users that would benefit from this process so Google then will find that as a main advantage when they select Chico."

Google would provide the money to set up the network and it would be available to anyone who wants it at a "competitive price." Google claims the new fiber-optic network would be 100 times faster than what most people have, meaning download speeds of about one gigabit per second.

The Department of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management at Chico state will be hosting a public forum to get your input on the topic this Wednesday at the Harlen Adams Theater. Cathy Emerson from Chico State University's Economic Center For Development is hoping many people will be ready to voice their thoughts. "Give us all the reasons we can possibly think of and then some why Chico can benefit from Google's super fast net, as important, what's Google going to get out of it," Emerson asked.

So what does google get out of it?

The company will get to use the selected communities as testing grounds as they explore the possibilities the superfast network could bring. The public forum is this Wednesday from four to six p.m. at the Harlen Adams Theater at Chico State University.


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