Google barge cruising from San Francisco to Delta

Mar 6, 2014 11:19 AM

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Google's mystery barge is floating toward to its new home in California's Delta after being ordered to leave San Francisco.

The barge departed from Treasure Island early Thursday morning to comply with a Jan. 31 regulatory order concluding that Google Inc. didn't have the proper permits to build the four-story vessel there.

Google says the odd-looking vessel consisting of steel shipping containers will be anchored in Stockton, a Delta city located about 80 miles east of San Francisco.

The Port of Stockton falls outside the jurisdiction of the agency that forced the barge to leave Treasure Island.

The company says the barge will serve as an interactive technology center once it's done. There has been speculation that the vessel might be used as an aquatic store or party boat.

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