Good News Rescue Mission opening as cooling center

Jul 28, 2015 6:06 PM by News Staff

In response to the approaching heat wave, the Good News Rescue Mission has instituted its emergency weather rules to provide a little respite from the scorching heat.

The Rescue Mission will open its chapel and dining hall as a Cooling Center for those unable to find relief elsewhere, as they do any time temperatures go over 95 degrees.

“It can get be dangerous and even life threatening,” said Jonathan Anderson Director for the Mission. “With record temperatures predicted, we want to ensure people have a place to stay cool and safe.”

The Heat wave could set new record highs across much of the Northwest, with temperatures set to peak in the 110 degree range on Thursday.

Donations of food and water are encouraged to help meet the increased needs and may be delivered to the Mission’s New Life Building at 3075 Veda Street.


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