Good News Rescue Mission gives back to volunteers

Apr 16, 2014 7:16 PM

For the Good News Rescue Mission, a day without volunteers is a day it'd be forced to turn people away.

"Without these volunteers we wouldn't be able to serve as many people as we do here for dinner, it would just be impossible. We would have to limit the number of people that come in and spend the night here," said Executive Director Cesar Partida.

Dr. Ray John is one of the volunteers being recognized for his service at this year's appreciation lunch.

He was a paid staff member at the Mission for five years, before leaving to serve as Haven Humane Society's CEO.

Now retired, he dedicates his free time to helping others develop job skills.

"I missed the people I worked with. I missed being there to help someone up, and get them started back to college or get a job, and now I'm just happy as a clam coming here as much as I can," Dr. John said.

Dr. John is one of over 400 volunteers that the Mission depends on.

Together, they served almost 25,000 hours in 2013.

"We know that there are people in this world that just need a chance to get a head start, and if we can help, that's great," said Samantha Hollin, who serves as secretary of the Active 20-30 Club of Redding.

The Active 20-30 Club was singled out for their annual back-to-school shopping spree, where they equip homeless children with supplies.

For these volunteers, the Mission gives back to them regularly.

"I get more out of the Mission than the Mission gets from me. It's one of the most wonderful places around," Dr. John said.

Other volunteers recognized at this year's lunch include Dr. William Reuss for running the dental clinic, and the Anderson Community Church for their fundraising efforts.


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