Gold Price Soars

Aug 10, 2011 7:50 PM

People are hoping to strike it rich after the recent spike in gold prices. Gold hit record highs Wednesday, surpassing more than 1,800 dollars per ounce. " It's just really surprised everyone I think and made them go back to their jewelry boxes and look for things they could get rid of", said Chico Cash Exchange manager Danielle Batha-Bengtson.
Local businesses like Chico Cash Exchange have seen a recent rush of people bringing in gold chains, rings, bracelets. Pawning next to anything that will bring in the bucks. " We're seeing people bring back in things that they probably didn't want to get rid of a while ago, but now there's more of a financial incentive for them to get rid of it now", said Batha-Bengtson.
But the spike in gold prices has prompted more than just the sale of gold, it's also bringing back gold fever. " We've seen a notable increase in gold pan sales, a lot of people are hoping to go out and strike it rich along any of our wonderful rivers", said Gates Resale assistant manager Jonathan Fanucchi.
Gates resale carries everything from gold panning kits to rock picks for the gold digging enthusiast. But as far as where the best places to search for gold is... " It's a very closely guarded secret, everyone has their own personal stake out there, and ligit or not, they are not real apt to share it with too many people", said Fanucchi.
No matter what the method, selling or searching, golds high price and it's ability to hold it's value is making it the wiser investment choice for many during times of uncertainty. " Yeah, I'm making a pile!", said Batha-Bengtson.


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