Gold Nugget Days melodrama set to hit the stage

Apr 25, 2014 8:45 AM

Festivities for the Gold Nugget Days celebration in Paradise are officially underway. One event that you won't want to miss is this year's melodrama, which has become an annual tradition. "Dirty Deeds at the Depot" is a show that revolves around a tricky love triangle set in 19th century Paradise. One of the main characters, Lacie Camilsole, has to choose between the love of her life and a wealthy rancher that her father has arranged for her to marry. The plot also involves a villain, a scheming doctor with a few tricks up his sleeve, and it wouldn't be a melodrama without some music to liven up the show. Producer John Jewart says audience members can look forward to a new theme and setting for this year's melodrama as well.

"The melodrama this year is revolved around the train depot, rather than gold up in the mines or gold in the hills or something like that. It's the story of things that happen in and around the depot in Paradise," he says.

The 18 member cast has been rehearsing 3 nights a week for the past month and has spent countless hours transforming the stage into an old time train depot. Bodie Way will play the love interest of Lacie Camilsole, a train depot manager named Justin Tyme.

"People can get involved from the audience and sing if they like. It's all about having fun, and learning some history of course," he says.

You can catch the melodrama at the Paradise Performing Arts Center on Nunneley Road Saturday night at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm. For more information you can call 872-8722.


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