Glenn Supervisors Consider Labor Day River Alcohol Ban

Mar 18, 2013 7:41 PM

The annual Labor Day float on the Sacramento River could be in for a big change this year as Glenn County Supervisors once again consider an alcohol ban.
It was less than two years ago that Glenn County leaders voted against this same ordinance after Butte County Supervisors approved a similar measure in an attempt to regulate the annual float that attracts thousands of tubers.
Supervisor John Viegas is bringing the ordinance back before the board Tuesday for discussion and possible vote.
The proposed ordinance would ban all alcoholic containers on the river between Highway 32 and Big Chico Creek starting at midnight the Saturday before Labor Day through the end of the holiday.
Supporters of the ban point to the immense cost of patrolling the river and roads in the area in an effort to break up fights and keep drunken tubers safe.

"If it passes that will give us several months to prepare and hopeful it will give us a good measurable index of whether this will help or not," Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones said.

While Jones says he is in favor of the ordinance, he says it would need to be revisited after the first year to determine if it served its intended purpose.
Opponents of the ordinance say it wouldn't make it any safer, because it would just push the float to other parts of the river that are not patrolled by rescue crews.
The board is expected to begin discussing the issue around 10:45 Tuesday morning at the board chambers in Willows.


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